CAN-DO (Center for Advocacy, Nonprofits and Donor Organizations)

The Center conducts research to increase empirically-supported practices at the organizational level; educates leaders in the field through degree programs, continuing education and training opportunities and provides linkages between students and community agencies. Taking a social and economic perspective, the Center promotes the pivotal role of this sector in supporting flourishing, civically engaged, healthy communities.

Recent Reports and Works in Progress

Training Needs for Leadership in Nonprofit Human Service

What is the Triple-A Project?

The Triple-A Project stands for Administration Assessment and Augmentation. The idea behind it is that many nonprofits have front-line staff members or supervisors who might be good higher level managers but who have no formal training in the skills needed to be successful in these new roles.

In the Triple-A Project, skilled CAN-DO staff work with agencies to identify a small number of people currently within the organizations who are assessed using a proprietary instrument developed for this single purpose to determine where strengths are and the areas where skill development is needed.

After this is complete, CAN-DO and the agency collaboratively identify a few training areas that will be best for the agency as a whole. CAN-DO faculty and other experts then develop and customize training modules about those particular skills for that agency.

We are currently applying this model only in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

As you can imagine, this is a very labor-intensive process and requires a major investment of time, expertise and other resources by CAN-DO and the agency involved. Therefore, it is not possible to have many agencies go through this process at a single time.

Should your organization be interested in seeing how this process would be helpful, please contact:
Dr. Rick Hoefer, Director, CAN-DO, at

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