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Center for Clinical Social Work (CCSW)

The Center for Clinical Social Work of the School of Social Work, University of Texas at Arlington, is a clinical and translational research hub dedicated to accelerating the implementation and increasing the penetration of basic and clinical research findings to bring cost-effective and efficacious strategies into social work practice at all levels, and to minimize the dissemination of harmful or cost-ineffective strategies. The means employed are facilitation of interactions among researchers in social work, social work students, community partners, and faculty and student investigators from different disciplines, student (undergraduate, masters, and doctoral) training in client-oriented research, and bridging of basic, clinical, and translational research findings for interpretation and dissemination to stakeholders, as well as direct sponsorship and participation in transdisciplinary basic, clinical, implementation, and translational research. The Center comprises these key functions with their associated resources:

  • Development of pilot and collaborative studies, emphasizing not only Center-sponsored studies but also collaborative investigation with other School of Social Work research centers and other UT Arlington research centers
  • Development of implementation research testing university-community partnerships, community practitioner training, and other dissemination mechanisms
  • Development of novel and state-of-the-art designs, methodologies, technologies, and infrastructure to advance social work and transdisciplinary research, such as brain imaging and biomarkers, Geographic Information Systems, and web-based telehealth technologies
  • Mentoring of junior faculty and predoctoral investigators in the functions above
  • Increasing the number of adequately prepared health/ behavioral health social workers by training undergraduate and graduate social work field interns and social work thesis students in evidence-based practice and involving them in state-of-the-art intervention research to address emerging social problems and vulnerable populations