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Career Development Corner

The Curriculum Vitae (CV) is the accepted means for those in academia to present their experience. Thus, those pursuing a PhD in Social Work should elect to use this format unless not applying for a position with an institution of higher education. The CV is meant to present an extensive record of your experience. When applying for an academic position, just as with the résumé, it should be tailored to the nature of the institution. For example, if applying to an institution with a research focus, research should presented sooner rather than later in the CV and vice versa for a teaching focused institution.

Typically, a CV will have the following sections though you may not just yet if you are just completing your PhD (order should be guided by the focus of the institution):

  • Name, Contact Information (as with the résumé, this heading should be used for all correspondence to create consistency)
  • Education: Degree Information
    • list all degrees in reverse chronological order
    • you may want to list licensures and certifications also unless you have several in which case it warrants a new section
    • it is customary to list the dissertation title here)
  • Academic Appointments (list all in reverse chronological order)
  • Professional Experience (list all Post-BSW and/or Post-MSW positions in reverse chronological order)
  • Scholarship
    • Professional Publications (use APA formatting; bold your name; reverse chronological order) separated into the following sections as applicable:
      • Scholarly Journal Articles
      • Manuscripts in Revise and Resubmit
      • Manuscripts Under Review
      • Manuscripts Under Development
      • Book Chapters
      • Unpublished Report
    •  Professional Presentations (use APA formatting; bold your name; reverse chronological order
    • Grant Funding (you may want a section for funded proposals and proposals under review)
  • Teaching
    • List courses taught noting titles (not just numbers as these are different across institutions) and formats (e.g., online, face-to-face, hybrid)
    • If you serve as a field liaison or academic advisor, you may want to list those here as well.
    • If you revise courses (e.g., develop in an online format) or create new courses, that should be highlighted here.
    • If applying to a teaching focused university, you may want to include a statement noting your average teaching evaluation scores. If you have made significant strides, you might also want to indicate your teaching evaluation score for the first course you taught and the last course you taught (only if it shows growth)
    • Once you serve on or chair dissertation and thesis committees, those would go in this section as well
  • Awards, Fellowships, Scholarships and Honors (during or after PhD work)
  • Current professional, academic, community-related, and scientific memberships.
  • Service—This is typically divided into the following sections:
    • Academic Department
    • University
    • Community
    • Profession

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