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Career Development Corner

As with most professions, the résumé is your first step in marketing yourself or a social work internship or paid position. Even if you are applying for a position where there is a formal application to be completed, most of the information required will already be on your résumé making it a good starting point to assist you in providing the required information. Thus, not only should you create your résumé carefully, you should also continually update it so you have a record of what you’ve done to market yourself to prospective employers.

Of course, not everyone’s experiences follow the same path. Some of you are career changers and some of you are just beginning. Whatever the case, there is a format that will put your best foot forward in applying for that dream internship or job. Below is a link to an article I wrote for The New Social Worker with résumé writing tips along with examples to guide you.

Résumé Tips

Action Verbs for Your Social Work Résumé

Choosing the right résumé format with examples

  • Chronological Résumé Example: This is the most traditional of résumé formats and is most successful for people who have been working in the social work or related fields for a number of years.
  • Skills Résumé Example: This résumé format is recommended for people who may have a variety of related social work skills but minimal social work experience. For example, this résumé is a good fit for students entering the workforce who have two social work internships and a variety of other types of jobs that helped them gain skills but are not related to social work.
  • Combination (Chronological and Skills) Résumé Example: This is a combining of the two aforementioned formats. This is an excellent choice for people who have years of work experience but are changing to a social work career or changing to a different area of social work—e.g., moving from clinical work to administration.

For more information, visit the Lockheed Martin Career Development Center at the University Center.