BSW Teaching Excellence Award Nomination

Bachelor graduates have an opportunity to select a faculty person to receive the BSW Teaching Excellence Award. This award is for teaching excellence for a full-time professor in the BSW Program. Please select your nomination for the award from the list below of eligible professors. The recipient receives a plaque. 

Please complete the section below:
I would like to nominate the following professor for the BSW Teaching Excellence Award:
Gail Adorno
Regina T. P. Aguirre
Randy Basham
Beverly Black
Lashaunn Bold
Yvonne Butler
Norman Cobb
Courtney Cronley
Doreen Elliott
Jan Finch
Rebecca Hegar
Jane Hickerson
Richard Hoefer
Catheleen Jordan
Peter Lehmann
Elissa Madden
Diane Mitschke
Sung Seek Moon
Vijayan Pillai
Philip Popple
Ericka Robinson-Freeman
Katherine Sanchez
Maria Scannapieco
Eusebius Small
Alexa Smith-Osborne
Larry Watson