Associate Counselor

Position: Associate Counselor – Young Adult Male Program (YAMP)
Facility Program: Caron Texas
Reports To: Clinical Supervisor
Degree of Supervision: The counselor will meet with the Clinical Supervisor / Program Drector on a daily basis during shift report, treatment team meetings and weekly supervision by psychologist and clinical coordinator. Will have weekly, direct observation until deemed competent or six months, whichever is later.

Purpose/Summary: To assist the treatment team with clinical work. Maintaining a safe community, providing feedback to patients and staff, providing clinical support to patients in the community. The Associate Counselor will carry a small caseload as needed and provide all the basic counseling and case management services to those patients.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

Collaborate as part of multi-disciplinary treatment team. This includes being an active member of the team; collaborating with internal and external referrals to ensure enhanced quality and continuity of care.

Ability to assist the treatment team with clinical work under close or direct supervision. This would include:
1. Meet with and document individual sessions as delegated and / or when the need arises.
2. Completion of Introduction and Orientation sessions
3. Facilitation/co-facilitation of group therapy
4. Lecture presentations
5. Completion of case management duties including a minimum of weekly contact with family and referrals.
6. Will complete and document compliance calls within prescribed time frames.
7. Facilitate the completion of patient satisfaction surveys and subsequent reporting.
8. In collaboration with the treatment team, will develop, complete and review the continuing care plan with the patient, referral and family.

Will assist in the facilitation of patient schedule. – Coordination of recreation activities – Assisting Volunteer/Group speakers

Meet with families upon admission to educate and promote participation in FEP.

Ability to organize and complete special projects based on own initiative or as assigned by the management team.

Case management – overall coordination of a patient’s care while in residential services including the integration of family sessions, communication with referral sources, assessment of patient progress and communication to the clinical team regarding special treatment needs and procedures.

Promote a positive peer culture with patients, families, referrals and other Caron employees.

The counselor is expected to work within the ethical constraints of the certified addiction counselor, and other professional or organizational ethic standards as they apply to the position.

Continuing care assessment and planning – assess unresolved and deferred problems and write goals and objectives in the continuing care plan, and coordinate all continuing care needs. – referral and placement

This job description reflects management’s assignment of essential functions; it does not prescribe or restrict tasks that may be assigned.


Bachelors Degree in Human Service.

One (1) year experience in the chemical dependency field (preferred).

Understanding of basic mental health/dual-diagnosis issues (preferred).

Must possess a valid Texas driver’s license.

If in recovery, two (2) years of uninterrupted sobriety preferred.

Physical Requirement:

Lifting up to 50 pounds.

Walking and active participation in patient supervision throughout the campus.

Must be able to drive 15 passenger van or car to and from various activities.


Must be thoroughly familiar and be able to demonstrate knowledge of the principles and programs of the various 12-Step Fellowships.

Must be able to possess the skills to adequately supervise the patient population and be able to observe, report and document behaviors on the unit.

Must be able to facilitate discussion support type groups in a residential setting.

Must be able to operate as a role model in decorum, speech and behaviors consistent with recovery principles.

Must be able to demonstrate supervisory skills which would include but not limited to coordinating staff resources and training of Counselor Assistant staff.

Must have basic computer skills and able to work with most Microsoft applications along with network components.

Competencies & Measures

Able to promote positive peer culture through milieu management skills such as, but not limited to, redirection, de-escalation, process groups, problem solving group and processing feelings.

Able to assess, identify and prioritize problems based on individual needs in order to collaborate with the treatment team and to develop comprehensive treatment plans.

Able to incorporate the 12-step philosophy in milieu management and clinical work. Able to present 12 steps, drug and alcohol issues and other related supports to the patient, families and referrals.

Able to incorporate referrals into the treatment process. – Feedback – Observation – Chart reviews – Satisfaction reports

Able to provide lectures and process group according to pre-determined outlines. – Observation – Satisfaction reports

Able to provide clinical group, individual and family sessions by applying techniques (including motivational interviewing) to assist the patient group or family in accordance with cultural, gender, life styles and age differences. – Observation – Satisfaction reports

Able to coordinate all services for client care. Able to recognize the elements of crisis and implement an immediate and appropriate course of action utilizing all Caron resources to treat the patient and family in a timely manner.

Able to identify the needs and problem areas that are beyond the scope of Caron Treatment Centers, explain rationale to referral, patient and family and complete referral to appropriate level of care to meet patient needs.

Able to coordinate all aspects of continuing care including but not limited to, establishing first appointments, completion of appropriate release forms, securing funding, arranging transportation, communication with all parties involved in patient care and identifying and coordinating continuing care for issues related to addiction such as mental health and medical care. – Observation – Satisfaction reports – Chart reviews

Able to prepare reports and maintain electronic records by integrating all patient and family information. Must be able to complete all documentation, including continuing care and compliance calls according to Caron Treatment Centers format and within the specified time frames. – Observation – Chart reviews – Monthly reports

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