Chosen Heritage Christian Adoption Services a ministry of Living Choice, Inc.
Classification: Full-time, Exempt
Reports To: Executive Director of Living Choice, Inc.

The Director/Administrator is responsible for the daily supervision and overall administrative responsibility for the agency as well as overseeing and facilitating the adoption process.
Primary Responsibilities
1. Review and approval of admission of a child into a foster home or adoptive home.
2. Assessment of placement admissions, clinical evaluation, and service plans for
3. Assessment and Approval of adoptive, or foster home for the child’s placement, for initial and subsequent placements.
4. Assess and approve orientation, provide clinical assessment, and approval of adoptive parents.
5. Assess and approve monitoring and provision of support services to adoptive parents, including the initiation and implementation of development plans, corrective actions, or adverse actions.
6. Professional supervision of child placing staff, including planning for staff development and corrective action in regard to child-placing decisions.
7. Ongoing clinical assessment in all areas of adoption.
8. To obtain the required training for clinical and administrative licensure.
9. Apply direct clinical practice, assessment, and treatment for members of the adoption triad, including: Adoptees, Birth Parents, and Adoptive Families.
10. Develop referral contacts with churches, hospitals, pregnancy centers and other referral sources.

1. A master’s degree (preferred) in social work or a human services field from an accredited college or university and at least two years of supervised child-placing experience.
a. a minimum of 9 credit hours in graduate level courses that focus on family and individual function and interaction; and
b. license in social work or another human services field.
c. Licensed as a Child Placing Administrator in the state of Texas
2. Willingness and ability to serve clients and other agency constituencies in a way that honors Jesus Christ and supports and promotes the agency’s Christian life-affirming ministry.
3. Commitment to promote the center’s mission, vision, core values, and statement of
belief in the execution of position responsibilities.
4. Experience in public speaking
5. Strong organizational, documentation and administrative skills
6. Excellent judgment and integrity.
The above describes the general nature of the job and is not an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities, knowledge, skills, abilities, and working conditions.

To Apply:
Send a resume to my attention at Niya Wyche, Executive Director, at