RHY TLP Residential Care Worker

City House, Inc., Plano, TX
Positions Available: Days, Evenings & Weekends
General Purpose and Primary Responsibilities
Responsible for assisting with matters pertaining to food, cleaning, minor maintenance, house, hands on life skills and for providing an environment of consistent structure, guidance and nurturance in the homes.
1. Provides direct support and guidance to residents living in the home.
2. Helps provide a living environment that is growth producing and which stimulates self-confidence, and trust, of people.
3. Is familiar with each resident’s vital information and Independent Living Plan goals and provides an environment that helps the resident achieve success with their goals and objectives through each phase of the program.
4. Remains attentive to the physical, emotional, academic and vocational needs of all residents and communicates regularly with the Case Manager to address those needs.
5. Inspects the rooms and common areas of the home weekly to assure proper housekeeping and maintenance needs are addressed. Reports maintenance issues to the TLP Director weekly and as needed for emergencies so they can be corrected promptly.
6. Picks up and distribute donations along with keeping an inventory.
7. Works with the residents to determine a grocery list and food shopping. Also, reports resident requests for other products such as hygiene & household supplies that may be needed in the home.
8. Reports immediately any suspected child abuse/neglect of a child.
9. Participates in training, staff meetings and supervisory conferences to develop and enhance skills.
10. Follows Universal Precaution procedures as appropriate.

Primary Qualifications/Basic Job Requirements:
• Associates degree with an emphasis on social work or closely related field of studies. Bachelor’s degree preferred.
• Minimum of one year’s experience working with at-risk and homeless adults, adolescents or children in a residential setting.
• Current valid Texas driver’s license and insurance.
• Effective communication skills, both oral and written. Effective organizational skills. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees and the public. Ability to perform duties with minimal supervision, if needed.
• Working knowledge of computers and the internet.
• Creates and maintains a high performance environment characterized by positive leadership and a strong team orientation.

For more information or to send a resume:
Linda Goodman