Social Worker III

JOB CODE: 1519
JOB FAMILY: Social Service
FLSA: Exempt

Works under moderate supervision to provide advanced professional skills in development of social service programs and to provide advanced social service to patients with multiple and/or complex needs in clinical and/or hospital environment.

1. Leads and integrates social work functions and patient-desired outcomes into patient care and discharge planning with external case managers, community agencies, and/or health care facilities.
2. Identifies, develops, and implements programs and services necessary to psychological and social needs of patients and their families (i.e. support groups, educational materials, and interdisciplinary inservices).
3. Assesses social service needs, provides counseling, and coordinates effective individual social work treatment plans to patients and/or families with multiple and/or complex needs based on assessed social, emotional, and financial needs of patients and families.
4. Plans requirements for ongoing development of new or enhanced outreach services by working in collaboration with physicians, health care providers, and community outreach professionals in assessing available resources.
5. Educates families and patients regarding community resources and pertinent health care issues to ensure appropriate use of personal and medical resources.
6. Provides discharge planning referrals and supports continuity of care for patients.
7. Maintains open communications with community resources and agencies to appropriately assist in meeting patient needs.
8. Maintains knowledge of payor benefits, hospital and community resources, family functionings, and regulatory standards to ensure informed decision making, continuity of care, and desired outcome (i.e. medical, medical cost, quality of life, and patient satisfaction).
9. Maintains chronological notes, clinical charts, statistical data, or case histories for each patient with respect to social problems, adjustments for patient and family, and actions taken or planned.
10. May participate in clinical and laboratory research in such areas as animal research, child development, physiological and behavioral functioning, etc.
11. Duties performed may include one or more of the following core functions: (a) Directly interacting with or caring for patients; (b) Directly interacting with or caring for human-subjects research participants; © Regularly maintaining, modifying, releasing or similarly affecting patient records (including patient financial records); or (d) Regularly maintaining, modifying, releasing or similarly affecting human-subjects research records.
12. Performs other duties as assigned.

Master’s degree in Social Work and three (3) years experience in medical and/or psychiatric social case work to include one (1) year as Social Worker II. LMSW (Licensed Master Social Worker) required; LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) may be required in some departments.

Work requires ability to develop internal systems, create credibility with physicians, and develop relationships and credibility with various community resources.
Work requires internal contact to refer patients as necessary to various departments.
Work requires frequent external contact with home health agencies, hospices, and any specialty society/resource available within community to assists patients.
Work requires responsibility for developing and recommending policies regarding social worker referrals, support groups, etc.
Work requires exercise of considerable judgment in interpretation of policies and the application of procedures, techniques, and practices to work problems.
Work requires personal contact with community social service agencies or patients and their families in the resolution of problems of non-routine, non-recurring nature.

The following is the acronym, “PACT”, and is fundamental to all clinical positions at UT Southwestern Medical Center:
P-Problem Solving: To achieve excellence in patient care and service, all employees are expected to take ownership in solving problems effectively, efficiently and to the satisfaction of the patient.
A-Ability, Attitude and Appearance: In keeping with a professional healthcare environment, all employees are expected to have the ability to perform their jobs and to appear and conduct themselves in a professional and positive manner.
C-Communications and Compassion: It is our goal that all our communications are clear, courteous, timely, and delivered with compassion, respect and appropriate confidentiality.
T-Teamwork: In our medical environment, our patients regard every employee they encounter as a member of the Southwestern Medical Center team. Our goal is to individually work hard to contribute to our team, support our co-workers, and to achieve not only excellent patient care and service, but also a satisfying, caring environment for each other.

Working conditions are considered to be fair but involve exposure to one or more disagreeable elements such as need to travel to patient’s homes, working under crowded or noisy conditions, dealing with disfigured patients or those who have terminal illnesses, etc.

Any qualifications to be considered as equivalents in lieu of stated minimum require prior approval of Vice President for Human Resources Administration or his/her designee.

This position is security-sensitive and thereby subject to the provisions of Texas Education Code ยง51.215.

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