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Data-Driven Discovery

UTA will focus on research that integrates big data from multiple fields and will develop data analytics and science that explore data from a wide variety of sources. We will use data to discover and share new knowledge, as well as enhance current knowledge.

Data fuels important decisions at every level of society. The exponential growth and availability of big data presents numerous challenges and opportunities. It is voluminous, fast, increasingly complex, and comes in a range of formats.

But if managed effectively, big data can deliver powerful benefits. It can result in more accurate analyses in fields ranging from health care to genomics and business informatics to physics. More accurate analyses lead to more confident decision-making. And better decisions can mean greater operational efficiencies, cost reductions, and reduced risks.

Scientist's research would make robots more observant
Product could help concepts become working apps
brain-mapping device REVEALS memory effects of PTSD
Researcher's work on the forefront of behavioral economics
MSBA degree offers blend of technical expertise and business knowledge
Computer scientist unlocks connections of social network data
High-tech Smart Care apartment unveiled to improve care for seniors
Big data team wins grant to build interactive gene expression database
LINK Lab study provides foundation for the future of digital higher education
Materials researcher uses predictive performance based on operational observables
Researcher explores knowledge hoarding on the job
Researchers integrate data to model urban water systems

More themes: Health and the Human Condition, Sustainable Urban Communities, Global Environmental Impact