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Global Environmental Impact

UTA will address critical issues that affect our planet, including climate change, energy, water, disasters, and pollution. By analyzing global population dynamics, we will develop an understanding of our world—and solutions for its problems—through avenues ranging from environmental economics to history.

As concerned citizens of the global community, we must recognize and live within environmental limits. Future generations will survive and thrive only if we maintain the delicate balance of our planet through thoughtful stewardship of its natural resources.

With the world’s population exceeding 7 billion, the need to conserve these essential elements is becoming more and more critical. Becoming more environmentally efficient helps us better manage our shrinking water supply, clean the air we breathe, reduce our carbon footprint, and protect our biodiversity.

Zooplankton study could help bridge gap between ecology and evolution
New technology could improve efficiency of transportation systems
Institute teams with Dallas firm to build new solar optics prototype
Study examines sea stars for clues about ability to protect a diverse coastal ecosystem
Study finds extreme weather will impact infrastructure
Nano-pillar fabrication to lead to more efficient electronics
New technology creates more efficient energy, solves power shortages
Biologists show older coral species are better able to survive diseases
Electrical engineer's research pushing batteries to their limit
Professor studies earthquakes, educates secondary teachers
Solid Waste Institute for Sustainability offers landfill training globally
Urban Water Institute explores water-related challenges
National Academy of Engineering member launches new institute
Researchers make affordable field analyzer for arsenic
Yahoo! Labs supports research into more efficient systems for network equipment
Researchers create high-resolution modeling of urban water system

More themes: Health and the Human Condition, Sustainable Urban Communities, Data-Driven Discovery