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Structures and Biomaterials are two major thrusts areas in Dr. Aswath's group in addition to Tribology. Lubrication and Coatings. Structutal materials includes focus on (i) Synthesis and Characterization of Ceramics and Ceramic Matrix Composites (ii) Fatigue and Fracture of Ti and Ni based Intermetallics (iii) Oxidation of Ti alloys (iv) Fatigue and Fracture of Ti Alloys (v) Creep and Fracture of Solders. Focus on Biomaterials indcludes (i) Synthesis of Biomaterials including Biopolymers and Bioceramics (ii) Development of Scaffolds for Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering.

Keywords: Fatigue, Fracture of Engineering Materials, Titanium Intermetallics, Nickel based superalloys, Oxidation and Corrosion, Bioactive materials, biopolymers, bioceramics, drug delivery, scaffolds, tissue engineering.

 Cracks in Blackglass Matrix Composite

Cracks in a Blackglas Matrix Composite Reinforced with Nextel Fibers


 FIB of Wear Track

Three layer porous scaffold of

Poly lactic acid for drug delivery.



Contact Information

Dr. Pranesh Aswath

Professor, Materials Science and Engineering Department and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department

500 West First Street, Rm 325, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX 76019

Phone: 817-272-7108, email:

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