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Student Organization Events

The items above are posted by student organizations registered at the university. The views and opinions expressed at these activities do not necessarily represent those of UT Arlington. Visit to explore our registered student organizations.

Departmental Events Calendar


Maverick Musical
Thursday, Apr 2, 6:00 pm — Rosebud Theatre, University Center


So Long Solo (Afternoon Variety Showcase)
Wednesday, Apr 8, 11:00 am — Palo Duro Lounge (University Center)


Interstellar (Friday Night Film)
Friday, Apr 10, 8:00 pm — Rosebud Theatre, University Center


Sheng Wang (One Mic Stand Comedy Series)
Tuesday, Apr 14, 7:00 pm — Bluebonnet Ballroom, University Center


Block Party
Thursday, Apr 16, 7:00 pm — Library Mall


American Sniper (Friday Night Film)
Friday, Apr 24, 8:00 pm — Rosebud Theatre, University Center