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Event Planning, Registration and Space Reservations

On-campus events, activities and meetings must be registered through Student Activities and Organizations.  All on and off-campus events with alcohol present at the event or location must be registered through Student Activities and Organizations.  All off-campus events that do not involve alcohol should be registered to assist with recognition and publicity.

Campus Event Planning Sheet Form (CEPS)Registered Student Organizations should submit the Campus Event Planning Sheet (Form 27-1 in the Forms Index) with their faculty/staff advisor's signature to the Student Organizations Office, B120 UC, at least 3 class days in advance for simple activities (e.g., regular meetings, info tables). Additional advance notice may be necessary for more complex events: 14 days if food will be served; 10 days if alcohol will be served; 30 days if police support/staffing will be necessary.

Campus Venues

The following lists are some of the campus venues available. Registered student organizations must first have an approved event registration (i.e., a date stamped Campus Event Planning Sheet) in order to reserve space on campus. The reservation of space is coordinated with the department which manages the venue.

Indoor Venues

Common Outdoor Programming Areas

Reservations managed by Student Activities and Organizations:

  • Library Mall - Zone Map [PDF]
  • University Center Mall - Zone Map [PDF]
  • Engineering Quadrangle and Mall - Zone Map [PDF]
  • Architecture Courtyard
  • Texas Hall West Lawn
  • Nursing Park
  • Arlington Hall Mall
  • Other general campus spaces

Reservations managed by the Department of Campus Recreation:

Reservations managed by the Police Department:

  • Parking Lots
  • University Streets