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General Information and Policies for Registered Student Organizations

Download the Student Organizations Handbook 2014-2015Student Organization Handbook

The Student Organization Handbook is manual of important policies and information pertaining to registered student organizations. To browse the handbook, please click below.

Download the Handbook [PDF]

Administrative Policies

Many of the policies in the Student Organization Handbook and of our office derive from the university's administrative rules and those of The University of Texas System's Board of Regents.

Starting a New Organization

Interested groups of students are encouraged to take the initiative to form a new organization on campus.  The process of becoming registered  involves multiple steps and meeting the requirements established by university policy.  Those interested in learning how to get started should first attend a New Organization Interest Session. These small group sessions are offered regularly throught the fall, spring and summer terms and cover the step-by-step basics, application materials, developing a mission, advisement, governance, requirments and regulations.

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Sign up for a New Organization Interest Session

Once your application materials and constitution have ben reviewed and approved, you may sign up to attend an Orientation for New Organization Officers session.  At least one officer should attend prior to an organization being registered.

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Requirements to Remain an Active, Registered Student Organization

  • Abide by all University regulations.
    • Each student organization is expected to adhere to applicable University regulations as they are set forth in this document, the Handbook of Operation Procedures (HOP), and the Regents' Rules.
  • Hazing is not tolerated.
  • Re-register every semester.
    • Regents’ Rules Chapter 50202 §1, 6.1; HOP 3-300, 3-501
    • The Regents require all registered student organizations to re-register at within ten (10) days of the beginning of each long semester, regardless of any changes. All RSO re-registration is required at the beginning of each long semester (Fall & Spring). All materials are to be completed online via MavOrgs.
  • Complete Risk Management training each Fall semester (see Risk Management Section)
    • Risk management compliance is mandatory for all registered student organizations once per calendar year (at the beginning of Fall semester). Per the Implementation of House Bill 2639, Senate Bill 1138, and Texas Education Code 51.9361, student organizations are required to learn about potential risks to facilitate safe and successful events and interactions. To determine what kind of risk management training is necessary, SAO releases a list delineating which organizations are Tier 1 and which are Tier 2 each year.
  • Profit/Loss Report
    • Each student organization shall submit a record of their fundraising activities prior to the end of each long semester. The record shall be a final report showing total fundraising expenditures and income for that semester, signed by an officer and the advisor of the organization.
    • Organizations may use the Final Profit/Loss Report spreadsheet or submit the information in their preferred format.
    • Spring 2014 Final Profit/Loss Reports are due MAY 2, 2014. Reports must have officer and advisor signatures. they can be submitted in person in the SAO office or scanned and e-mailed to
  • Notification of Change in Officers
    • HOP 3-402
    • Notification of new officers is required ten (10) days after an organizational election or other change of officers. Thus, it is quite possible to submit this form twice in the same semester. (Summer terms are excluded). New officers can be reported to the Office of Student Activities & Organizations by e-mail or hard copy. Failure to submit this form for three (3) consecutive semesters will automatically place the organization on permanent inactive status.
  • Outstanding Debts
    • Regents’ Rules Chapter 50202 §6.4; HOP 6-300, 3-303
    • If an organization is past due on any debts to an office of the University, the organization will be placed on temporary inactive status pending payment of their debts. No organization or group, whether registered or not, may use the facilities of any institution as long as it owes a monetary debt to the institution and the debt is considered delinquent by the crediting institutional agency.
  • Minimum Membership
    • HOP 3-302
    • All student organizations must maintain a membership total of eight (8) students each semester. Should an organization fall below eight members, it will have two long semesters (one calendar year) in which to increase its membership to eight. During this probationary period, certain restrictions may be placed on the organization. Failure to achieve eight members within the allotted time will subject the organization to being placed on permanent inactive status.
  • Constitutions
    • HOP 3-303
    • University approval is required for any changes in an organization's constitution or bylaws. Submit the proposed amendments to the Office of Student Activities & Organizations. In addition, it is important to note that only organization officers and/or their advisors are empowered to conduct official organizational business with the University. If any questions arise, be sure to consult the Office of Student Activities & Organizations for clarification.

Are you a new officer for your organization? See the New Officer Transition Checklist to start out on the right track.