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Risk Management

In accordance with HB 2639/SB 1138 (Texas Education Code Section 51.9361), the Department of Student Activities & Organizations has developed an annual risk management education program for select registered student organizations at the University of Texas at Arlington. Under Texas State Law, it is mandatory for all registered student organizations to participate in the program annually. This program must be completed to remain in good standing with the University.

Registered Student Organizations are required to participate in Risk Management Training every fall semester according to the organization’s Tier Classification.  Specific information will be sent to organizations at the end of every Spring Semester.

Tier Classification

Tier I Organizations: The following groups will be required to attend an in-person Risk Management Program. [NOTE: List of organization Tier classification is released at the beginning of each Fall semester. The list can and does vary each semester.]

Social Fraternities and Sororities (i.e., member-organizations of IFC, NPHC, NPC or MGC councils), university organizations classified as recreational, and organizations that fall within the following guidelines/categories:

  1. Have membership over 75 as reported on the previous semester’s registration.
  2. Have hosted a large scale university event within the last year in which over 300 people attended and the outside community was invited.
  3. Any organization that has been sanctioned within the previous two years for alcohol, hazing, drug, fire or other life safety issues, travel, harassment or sexual abuse violations.

In addition ROTC, Athletics, Spirit Groups and the Marching Band will be invited to participate.

Requirements: The President plus one other officer of each Tier I organization are required to attend. The president of the organization will sign a verification statement that within thirty (30) days the information presented at the program will be disseminated to members of their organization. Advisors for these organizations will be asked to complete, one time, an online module The penalty for non-adherence will be placement of that organization on inactive status. If the advisor fails to adhere the organization has thirty (30) days to remedy the situation. The organization may remedy the situation by having the Advisor complete the module or selecting a new advisor who completes the module. Failure to remedy will be placement of the organization on Inactive Status. Organizations may submit a written request for exemption from Tier I Status which would then be reviewed by a committee.

Some areas of exemption would include:

  1. Organizations that meet less than three times per year.
  2. Organizations that have no elected officers.

If an exemption is granted the organization must then fulfill the requirements of Tier Two Status and/or any committee recommendations. The program will be offered at least three times in the Fall Semester and once, if necessary, in the Spring Semester. The Department of Student Activities & Organizations will be responsible for program implementation.

Tier II Organizations: Student organizations (Tier Two) not required to attend the Risk Management Program will complete an online program module that includes information on hazing, alcoholic beverages, travel and general Risk Management information. This module must be completed by the President. The President of the organization will sign a verification statement that within thirty (30) days the information will be presented to the organization. The penalty for non-completion of the module by an organization’s President will be the placement of the organization on inactive status. Advisors for these organizations will be asked to complete, one time, an online module The development of the module and program is the responsibility of Student Activities & Organizations. All other officers are encouraged to participate.

Access the Tier II Module Here:  Risk Management Module

Educating your Members