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MAVS 1000 FYE Course

UT Arlington’s First-Year Experience Course (MAVS 1000) is a class designed to orient students to life as a Maverick, and assist first-time college students in their transition to life at the University.  The course content will help students identify their individual needs and skillsets, in turn enhanncing their academic succes.  Furthermore, MAVS 1000 will guide students to proper utilization of the campus resources at their fingertips in order to embark upon a path rich with involvement and engagement as a new Maverick.  

Student Learning Outcomes:

MAVS 1000 will allow students to do the following by the end of the semester:

 Academic Success
  1. Develop strategies to be an active, independent learner.
  2. Develop effective study and test preparation strategies. 
  3. Understand how effective self-management positively impacts academic success (motivation, goal setting, and time management).
  4. Discover campus resources to support their learning and personal needs.
  5. Understand the value of teamwork in the college environment and beyond.
Personal Skill Development
  1. Establish a support network consisting of peers, staff, and faculty.
  2. Implement strategies for effective money management.
  3. Understand how campus diversity impacts their academic experience.
  4. Understand the impacts of healthy living.
Engagement Beyond the Classroom
  1. Identify the value of involvement and engagement on campus.
  2. Design an intentional co-curricular plan for their collegiate journey.
  3. Experience campus events.
  4. Connect skills and interests to future careers.

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