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MAVS 1000 FYE Course

UT Arlington’s First-Year Experience Course (MAVS 1000) is for first-year college students entering in the fall term. It is designed to orient students to life on the Maverick campus and assist in the transition to college. The course assignments will help students to identify their individual needs and skills which will affect their success, determine what resources are appropriate and available to them, and formulate a plan for an actively engaged and enriched experience on the campus.

Student Learning Outcomes:

MAVS 1000 will allow students to do the following by the end of the semester:

 Personal Skill Development
  1. Identify a support network consisting of peers, staff, and faculty.
  2. Identify strategies for effective money management.
  3. Describe how campus diversity impacts their academic experience.
 Academic Success
  1. Know their learning preference and apply study techniques related to their preferences.
  2. Develop strategies for overcoming academic and personal obstacles and challenges.
  3. Discover campus resources to support their learning and personal needs.
  4. Identify library resources available to support their learning needs and describe the importance of academic integrity. 
 Engagement Beyond the Classroom
  1. Identify the value of involvement and engagement on campus.
  2. Connect skills and interests to future careers.
  3. Design an intentional co-curricular plan for their collegiate journey.
  4. Apply effective teamwork skills to complete a group project.

Course Policies

MAVS 1000 is a 14-week course taught 1 hour per week.  The course is 0 credit hours, graded on a pass fail grading system, and is required for all first-year students to complete.

AttendanceAttendance is required.  Students may not miss more than 2 classes.  There are make-up activities for all missed classes. See the list of optional activities.

Blackboard: Course content and assignments will be available through Blackboard.  Students are required to submit written assignments to Blackboard by the due date.  A schedule of assignments and due dates are available in the syllabus.

Required Textbooks and Other Course Materials: There will be no required textbook for this course. However, there are several online modules and supplemental texts, which are a requirement and will need to be read and/or completed.

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