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The Maverick Way

The University of Texas at Arlington has a vibrant campus culture with a communal focus on inclusion, integrity, pride, respect, and engagement. Uphold your commitment to the orange and blue by demonstrating your promise to The Maverick Way, a set of guides created for you to assist in your journey through the true UT Arlington experience.

Diversity and Inclusion:

UT Arlington is one of the most diverse campuses in the country. Walking on campus is like opening a door into the real world. Your unique perspective expands our vision, increases our knowledge of the world, and enhances our own self-awareness. The promise of The Maverick Way of diversity and inclusion means we respect you and all that you are.

You can be a person who respects diversity and inclusion by:

  • Participating in a Multicultural Affairs event like Asian Heritage Month, Black History Month, Diversity Lecture Series, or others.
  • Taking a study abroad course
  • Attending International Week events and learning about other cultures
  • Learning a new language
  • Sharing an experience with someone different than you


UT Arlington students are people of integrity both inside and outside of the classroom. The Maverick Way encourages students to be intentional as they develop their personal integrity.

You can be a person of integrity by:

  • Demonstrating good sportsmanship on the intramural field and at athletic events
  • Holding peers accountable for misconduct
  • Modeling good behavior and ethical decision-making
  • Developing original academic thoughts and ideas and giving credit to others for their original thoughts and ideas as outlined by the Honor Code
  • Taking responsibility for one’s actions and accepting the consequences of a mistake

Pride and Traditions:

As a Maverick, you are part of a strong tradition of excellence that began in 1895. We are proud of our history because it shows how far we have come as an institution. Our pride also shows that we are even more excited about the future. Take part in the longstanding traditions of the university, and be proud to be a member of the Maverick community.

You can be a person who embraces UT Arlington pride and traditions by:

  • Wearing UT Arlington spirit wear with pride, on campus and in the community
  • Learning and proudly singing the UT Arlington Alma Mater and Fight Song to show your school spirit at athletic and campus events
  • Participating in university traditions including Welcome Week, Oozeball, Bed Races, and Graduation Celebration
  • When you meet the credit hour requirements, purchasing and proudly wearing your Maverick ring! Let everyone know you are a proud Maverick from UT Arlington
  • Reading the Campus Traditions and Transitions book to learn about the history of UT Arlington including former names of the university, previous mascots, meanings behind the names of campus buildings, and fun facts about the campus

Respect and Civility: 

As Mavericks, we embrace a culture of respect and dignity for all persons. We engage in positive and constructive debate with other students. We also value the unique contributions and talents of all members of our community and strive for a campus culture that strengthens our unity at UT Arlington and beyond.

You can show respect to fellow Mavericks by:

  • Respecting other peoples space, thoughts and feelings
  • Abiding by the University Code of Conduct
  • Addressing conflicts in a mature manner
  • Showing respect in the classroom setting by showing up on time, prepared to learn, with your cell phone off
  • Being respectful of others thoughts and decisions

Student Involvement and Engagement

Being a Maverick means blazing your own path to success by creating memories and experiences that are all your own. The Maverick Way teaches you to leave no stone unturned and take advantage of the full collegiate experience by getting involved.

You can be a Maverick who is involved and engaged by:

  • Joining a student organization including a professional organization, special interest group, fraternity or sorority
  • Attending a campus musical or theatre performance, the Maverick Speakers Series or a university-wide celebration
  • Being actively engaged in our community by volunteering with the UTA Volunteers, at The Big Event or though a service learning course
  • Enhancing your leadership skills by participating in the Leadership Retreat or other Leadership Center programming
  • Playing on an intramural or club sports team, participating in the LiveWell MavWell program or attending UTA athletic events