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Election Violations and Disputes

Election Violations

All candidates are required to follow the guidelines of the Election Code (available under the Candidate Information tab). If you believe a candidate has violated the Election Code in some manner, you are encouraged to complete the Election Code Violation form. Election Code violations may be submitted up until the closing of the polls on the last day of voting.

If an Election Code violation is submitted against a candidate, the Election Supervisory Board will review the accusation. If the Election Supervisory Board feels the candidate did, in fact, violate the Election Code, the candidate will be contacted with instructions on how to correct the violation. The candidate will have five (5) hours from the email being sent to correct the violation. Failure to correct an Election Code violation within that timeframe may result in immediate disqualification by the Election Supervisory Board. Therefore, it is imperative for candidates to check their UTA email regularly during the election process.

If a candidate is disqualified by the Election Supervisory Board for failure to correct a violation, the candidate may appeal that decision to the Supreme Court by submitting the Appeal to Supreme Court form within 24 hours of their disqualification.

Note: Correcting an Election Code violation does not keep a candidate from being the subject of an election dispute.

Election Disputes                      

A dispute is a request for the election results to be reviewed due to the winner of the race having egregiously violated the Election Code in a manner in which influenced the outcome of the election. An election dispute may be filed after the posting of the election results. Only candidates in the current election are able to file disputes, and they are only able to file a dispute in a race for an office they are seeking.

The Election Dispute form must be submitted to the Supreme Court within three (3) school days after the election results have been posted.

The Supreme Court will hold a hearing within five (5) business days after the dispute was submitted. The plaintiff(s), defendant(s), and any witnesses to the said dispute shall be summoned to participate in the hearing.The decision of the Supreme Court shall be rendered at the hearing.

Each candidate involved in the dispute may appeal the Supreme Court decision by submitting the Appeal a Supreme Court Decision form within three (3) school days of the receipt of the original ruling. The Student Government Advisor, in consultation with the Senior Director of Involvement & Engagement, will review the decision and render a new decision within five (5) school days after the submission of the appeal.


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