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Contact Your Senator

Student Congress Senators are elected to represent the students in their college or school. If you have a question, comment, suggestion, or resolution idea, contact your Senator!

(For Student Congress representation, undeclared students are included in University College.)

Student Congress Senators – fall 2015

Architecture, Planning, and Public Affairs:

Ashford Sonii   
Matthew Austin


Selena Chavez
Danish Dawood
Shahrukh Agha
Raegan Rust
Hamza Memon
Matthew McDonald


Jack Porter
Jessie Jewell


Arpit Raorane
Vaishanavi Mirapurkar
Mahesh Biyyala
Sandra Miller
William Capell

Liberal Arts:

Justin Depperschmidt
Jalen Johnson
Joey Gonzales

Nursing and Health Innovation:

Landen Oster
Emily Panella
Nawal Joulani  
Nevin Joulani
Ahlita Saengchan
Jessica Mora
Thomas Trono


Jorge Garcia
Pooja Mallipaddi

Matthew Mitchell

Social Work:

Daisy Perez
Amy Thachet

University College:

Benjamin Mathew
Samantha Sorensen
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