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Student Congress

About Student Congress

Student Government has been a part of the University since 1922. It is the primary way for students to participate in the policy making that directly affects their educational stay at the University. Student Congress has provided many services to the student community including such things as the Grade Exclusion Policy, the Enrichment Hour, registration by credit hour, student access to course evaluations, and open parking after 5 p.m. They have enacted several policies dealing with not only educational issues, but also issues regarding student health and welfare, insurance, disabilities, and student fees. Student Congress produces the University Phone directory (The Maverick Connection), the University Apartment Guide, and the Maverick Discount Program, which boasts a membership of over 200 businesses offering discounts to students, faculty and staff.

Message from your 2013-2014 Student Congress President

Greetings Maverick,

Welcome to our Student Congress website. Navigating through this website, you will find valuable information pertaining to some of the programs we offer such as -

  • The Program Assistance Fund for your organizations
  • The Maverick Discount Program - a special discount you receive just for being a Maverick and;
  • A direct link to offer us your ideas through the suggestion box or the resolution template.

My office along with the rest of the executive board is located in the lower level of the University Center (UC). My door will always be open if you would like to drop by to share your thoughts on how to impact change positively here on our campus.

I am honored to be serving as your President for the upcoming year. It is a great privilege and responsibility to represent you, which I believe I can to the fullest extent of my abilities.

Mavericks Forever!

Varun Mallipaddi                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Student Congress Executives 2013-2014

Varun Mallipaddi President
Loan Ho Vice President
Patrick Kelly Parliamentarian
Omar Alameddin Secretary/Program Director
Ellie Langroodi External Relations Director

SC General Body

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