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One of the most important and influential means Student Congress has to express the student voice is the passing of resolutions. A resolution is a document expressing an opinion or a desire for change.

Anyone may write a resolution to be considered by Student Congress, but a current Student Congress Senator must sponsor it. After being introduced, a resolution is sent to a committee for research, discussion, possible revision, and a committee vote. If it passes committee, it is sent to the general body for a vote. Successfully passed resolutions are presented to the administration.

Why use Student Congress? Anyone can send an email or a letter to members of the UT Arlington administration. Resolutions are important for two reasons. One - the administration knows that a resolution has been researched by a team of students and voted on by elected student leaders. Two - whereas the administration is not required to act upon any Student Congress resolutions, it is supposed to provide a response to explain any decisions.

We invite you to peruse the Student Congress Resolution Database to see what resolutions have been passed in previous years.

Submit your own resolution here.

If you need assistance writing a resolution, please contact us.

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