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Student Government

Apply NOW!

Student Government is searching for passionate individuals to join the organization. Click here to learn more and apply.

Student Government is also searching for great committee chairs! Preference will be given to current members; however, if you are applying for a vacant position in SG, you can also apply for chair. Click here to apply now! Deadline to apply is Friday, November 22.


About Student GOVERNMENT

Student Government has been a part of the University since 1922. It is the primary way for students to participate in the policy making that directly affects their educational and campus experience at the University. Student Government has provided many services to the student community including such things as the Grade Exclusion Policy, the Enrichment Hour, registration by credit hour, student access to course evaluations, and open parking after 5 p.m. They have enacted several policies dealing with not only educational issues, but also issues regarding student health and welfare, insurance, disabilities, and student fees. Student Government also manages the  Maverick Discount Program, which boasts a membership of over 500 businesses offering discounts to students, faculty and staff.