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Where do I find the membership requirements and policies?

Click here to access the Spring 2020 SG Membership Handbook.

Click here to access the Spring 2020 SG Training PowerPoint.

If you have questions about any of the above policies, please contact your Leadership Team member.

Which leadership team member do i contact for...?

Good question! The Student Government Leadership Team works as a team. However, they each specialize in their own branch/activities. Therefore, it is best to contact the specific person who oversees the project/initiative/policy that you have a question about.

Student Body President: Contact regarding questions about Pizza with the President, UTSSAC, website edits, resolution implementation, organization outreaches, and general concerns/questions about UTA.

Student Body Vice President: Contact regarding questions about membership (how to transfer to another branch, how to resign, etc.), member socials, member recruitment, and the Maverick Discount Program.

Chief of Staff: Contact regarding questions about, all events, voter registration, early voting, Legislative Relations Committee, and External Relations Committee.

Speaker of the Senate: Contact regarding questions about current resolutions or new resolution ideas, how to start a referendum, and any constitution edits.

Chief Justice: Contact regarding questions about Program Assistance Fund, Campus Elections, photos of events, and how to appeal (i.e. appeal your removal from SG or appeal a decision made by SG.)

how do i know how many points i have for this month?

Click on the "Event Sign Ups / Participation" tab under "For Members". There is a link to a file, where you can view how many participation points have been recorded for you.

My participation points are incorrect on the spreadsheet. how do i get it corrected?

Contact your SG Leadership Team member. Student Senate members should contact the Speaker of the Senate. Legislative Relations and External Relations members should contact the Chief of Staff. Supreme Court Justices and Election Supervisory Board members should contact the Chief Justice. Do NOT contact the Student Governance Student Assistant. If there are errors on the spreadsheet it is likely that your SG Leadership Team member has not turned in your participation point records to the Student Assistant yet.

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