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Program Assistance Fund

The Program Assistance Fund, overseen by Student Government, is supplemental funding available to registered student organizations to assist in their programming efforts to the university community. Funds are also available to assist student organization members in traveling to state/regional/national conferences. 

Applications are available online and in the Student Government offices, Suite B150 in the Lower Level of the University Center. Contact the Chief Justice at with any questions.

How to Request Program Assistance Funds    

1.  Complete the appropriate application and submit 10 copies to Ashley Smith, the Administrative Assistant for Student Governance, in Suite B150 in the Lower Level of the UC.   

2.  The student organization president will be contacted via email to schedule a hearing date and time.                                         

3.  At the hearing, representatives from the organization will give a 5 minute presentation to the Supreme Court. In the presentation, the organization representative(s) should provide detailed information about the event or travel for which the organization is requesting funds. After the presentation, 5 minutes will be allotted for the committee to ask any questions.                                      

4.  The Chief Justice, Nimisha Budhwani, will contact you after the hearing to let you know the committee's decision.

Hearing Dates and application deadlines

In order to participate in the next available hearing, the appropriate application must be completed in its entirety and submitted no later than 12pm on the Thursday before the next Monday's hearing. However, submission of an application prior to the deadline does NOT guarantee a hearing. Hearings are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis under the discretion of the Chief Justice. All hearings are on Mondays from 3-5PM in B150C, Lower Level of the University Center.

If you have a Program Assistance Request for Summer 2017, please complete the appropriate application and submit the 10 copies to Ashley Smith (step 1 from above). However, you will most likely not have a hearing. The Student Government Leadership Team will make a decision on your funding request.

Fall 2017 Hearing Dates           Deadline to Submit Application
September 11 September 7
September 25 September 21
October 9 October 5
October 23 October 19
November 6 November 2
November 20 November 16
December 4 November 30


If you are requesting funds for a program or event:


Program/Event Application

If you are requesting funds for travel:


Travel Application

appeal process

If you feel your organization was denied Program Assistance Funding in error or that the procedures outlined by Student Government were not appropriately followed, please contact the Student Government advisor at The Student Government advisor and the Student Body President will review the decision and make an appropriate determination.

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