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Open Forum

UT Arlington students, faculty, or staff members who wish to address the Student Senate general membership are able to register to speak during Open Forum. The Open Forum will take place at the beginning of each Student Senate general body meeting after roll call and approval of minutes.

During this time, individuals are able to speak regarding any topic (i.e. a resolution currently in research by the Student Senate, a student concern, etc.). However, the Student Senate will not answer questions or respond to any of the statements made during the Open Forum.


Individuals wishing to speak during Open Forum are encouraged to register in advance. Only five (5) timeslots are available each meeting, with each individual have two (2) minutes to address the Student Senate.

Please click here to register.

Note: The dealine to register in advance is 5PM on the Monday before each regularly scheduled general body meeting.


Individuals who register to speak in advance will be assigned a timeslot on a first-come, first-serve basis. If all five (5) timeslots for a given meeting are not filled prior to the meeting beginning, the Speaker of the Senate will allow students in attendance the opportunity to speak during the Open Forum.

Student Senate will not discriminate against speech on the basis of viewpoint. Student Senate may limit the number of persons able to speak on a particular subject and the frequency with which they may speak in order to provide an opportunity for others to address the Student Senate. However, the Student Senate may provide alternative paths for expressing concerns that are excluded from the Open Forum or offer other meeting dates to the individual.

Guest Speakers

Individuals wishing to have more time in front of the Student Senate may be allowed to attend as a Guest Speaker. Guest Speakers may be offered additional time to address the Student Senate, provided time for a question & answer session, or provided time to host a brainstorming session with Student Senators. Individuals (such as administrators, non-UTA community members, etc.) wishing to address the Student Senate in this capacity should contact the Speaker of the Senate at or 817-272-0556.

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