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Student talent auditions in the Palo Duro Lounge

Our Community of Organizations

There are over 350 clubs and organizations in various categores that serve to that complement your academic work, provide leadership development and enhance and enrich your collegiate experience.


Academic Associations

Academic Associations

Connect those within a particular major or academic program.

Cultural/International Organizations

Cultural/International Organizations

Focus on appreciation or advocacy of cultural, national, racial or ethnic identity group

Honor Societies

Honorary/Recognition Societies

Distinguish high scholarship and leadership in a broad/specialized field

Professional Societies

Professional Societies

Link students with professionals in a particular industry or field

Recreational/Sports Groups

Recreation/Sports Groups

Participate or compete in an amateur athletic, fitness or leisure activity

Religious Organizations

Religious Organizations

Practice and nurture faith or spirituality

Social Fraternities

Social Fraternities/Sororities

Promote social development and bonds for women and men

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups

Bring together individuals around various common interests, ideas or identities

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About Our Office

We seek to provide opportunities, education and resources for students to initiate and produce a meaningful college experience. Our office facilitates participation and involvement in a wide variety of campus activities and organizations which promote learning, leadership, personal development, teamwork and free expression of thought and identity. The department is composed of two component areas, Fraternity & Sorority Life and the Registered Student Organizations program.

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