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Faculty/Staff Advisors to Registered Student Organizations

All organizations must have the sponsorship of at least one UTA faculty/staff advisor who supports the aims of the organization. Selection of an advisor is at the discretion of the organization; however, the advisor’s eligibility must be confirmed by the Student Activities and Organizations office.

The responsibilities of a student organization advisor include:

  • Signing off on financial reports; meeting and event registrations and other paperwork required by the university
  • Guide and support the organization in programming, management, problem solving/disputes, emergency situations and overall direction of the organization
  • Meet with the executive officers on a regular basis
  • Know the officers and current membership, understand the organization's policies (i.e., constitution, bylaws)
  • Remain informed of all activities sponsored and conducted by the student organization
  • Establish with the student organization president to what extent the advisor will be involved in the planning of programs and the frequency of meetings and events he or she will attend.
  • Provide continuity to the organization, especially during officer transition

You can also download and print an overview of requirements and responsibilities of advisors.

Interested in serving as an advisor?

Advisor Interest Form

If you are interested in serving as a student organization advisor, Student Activities and Organizations can help match you with a group in need. Advising a student organization can be a rewarding experience and offers the opportunity to observe and facilitate the development of students during their college career. Building a mentor-relationship with students engaged in on-campus activities can be a fulfilling and unique role for faculty. Lastly, it can be an opportunity for you to contribute your expertise with an organization whose purpose you enjoy.

To be eligible to advise a registered student organization, one must be a member of the faculty or administrative/support staff whose employment at the university is not also based upon enrollment as a student. (For example, benefits-eligible staff may serve but graduate assistants may not.) The selection of advisors is at the discretion of the student organization, provided that those individuals selected meet the university’s eligibility requirements and are supportive of the aims of the organization. Advisors are expected to have knowledge of the policies pertaining to organizations—especially those contained in the Student Organizations Handbook.