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Event Planning, Registration and Space Reservations

Our office is here to assist you in making your events and activities a success and to help you navigate the university's procedures and policies concerning campus activities, meetings, assemblies and special events. You may call or reach us at 817-272-2293, or by visiting us in the E.H. Hereford University Center, Lower Level.

Student Organizations

Events, activities and meetings should be registered through the Student Organizations Office. While it is reccommended that all activities be registered, it required to do so if any of the following conditions apply.

Campus Event Planning Sheet Form (CEPS)
Activities that require approvalDeadline
Reserve a room or space on campus 3 class days in advance
Present a guest speaker/performer 5 class days in advance
Use amplified sound (outdoors) 3 class days in advance
Sell items, fundraise or solicit donations 3 class days in advance
Serve or cook food on campus 14 class days in advance
Serve alchoholic beverages (including off-campus) 14 class days in advance
Travel more than 25 mi. from campus 10 class days in advance

University Departments

campus departments needing to reserve space in the pedestrian malls or general outdoor spaces on campus also do so by submitting a Campus Event Planning Sheet to the Student Organizations Office.

Campus Event Planning and Authorization

Registered Student Organizations (and departments wishing to reserve general outdoor spaces) should submit the Campus Event Planning Sheet [Form 27-1] with their faculty/staff advisor's signature to the Student Organizations Office, B120 UC, at least 3 class days in advance for simple activities (e.g., regular meetings, info tables). Additional advance notice may be necessary for more complex events: 14 days if food will be served; 10 days if alcohol will be served; 30 days if police support/staffing will be necessary.

Catering & fOOD delivery on Campus

UT Arlington's Dining Services provides catering services for the university community.  Please visit UTA Carlisle Catering for details on their services, view catering menus, and online ordering. If you wish to use an off-campus food vendor, then they must be on the list of Approved Food Vendors and you must complete an Outside Food Verification Form at least 14 class days in advance of the event.

Campus Venues

The following lists are some of the campus venues available. Registered student organizations must first have an approved event registration (i.e., a date stamped Campus Event Planning Sheet) in order to reserve space on campus. The reservation of space is coordinated with the department which manages the venue.

Indoor Venues

Common Outdoor Programming Areas

Reservations managed by Student Activities and Organizations:

Reservations managed by the Department of Campus Recreation:

Reservations managed by Parking & Transportation Services:

  • Parking Lots
  • University Streets