IREC/Spaceport America Cup

In 2017 the Rocketry Division competed in the Intercollegiate Rocketry and Engineering Competition (IREC). A part of the Spaceport America Cup at Spaceport America, IREC consists of several categories for colleges to compete in, involing 10,000 and 30,000 ft as well as solid, liquid, and hybrid rocket engine categories. Competing teams design and launch a rocket that: achieves a target altitude of 10,000 ft., and carries scientific payload with a 10 lb. minimum weight. Teams also write a technical report, extended abstract over an interesting aspect of the project, and present a poster on the showroom floor.

IREC 2017 (First Inagural Spaceport America Cup)

The 2017 IREC was apart of the first Inaugural Spaceport America Cup. The Rocketry Division competed in the 10,000 COTS category, with a autonomous glider as the scientific payload. The team placed 7th in the technical report.

IREC 2018

The rocketry division retured to IREC in 2018 in the same 10,000 ft COTS category with an improved design for both the rocket and the autonomous glider. The team was able to successfully launch and recover AMR18.