Weekly Meetings:
Fridays at 12:00 PM in WH 308
Division Milestones:
2012: Division Founded
2013: 9th Place (SAE Aero Design) - Regular Class Design
2014: 6th Place (SAE Aero Design) - Regular Class Payload
2014: 8th Place (SAE Aero Design) - Regular Class Overall
2018: Participated in SAE Aero Design - Regular Class Overall after a three year hiatus

Fixed Wing Division

The Fixed Wing Division competes in the SAE Aero Design Regular Class and has done so since 2013. This Division's annual heavy lifting aircraft is made primarily out of bass and balsa wood, has a wingspan upwards of 9 ft, and operated via radio controller by a member of the Fixed Wing team. The entirety of the aircraft is designed and constructed from the ground up by UTA students.

Division News and Updates

2018 November 10

Last April, the Fixed Wing Division participated SAE Aero West in Van Nuys, California, placing 25th overall. We were able to fly the plane, and return it safely to Arlington for use training new pilots. For this school year, the Fixed-Wing Division will once again compete in SAE Aero East 2019. AM-2019 conceptual design is almost complete and construction of the aircraft will begin later this month. AM-2018 will be used to run tests on the airframe, as well as train pilots.

With the new semester, the Fixed-Wing has appointed new team leads. The team leads are:

  • Chief Engineer: Shelby Vanover
  • Structures Lead: Aditya panigrahi
  • Aerodynamics Lead: Sushrut Kinhekar
  • Electronics Lead: Caleb Ramos
  • Lead Pilot: Grant Schroeder

2018 February 15

With the start of the spring semester the fixed wing division has made great progress on the latest aircraft, AM-2018. With the design being finalizing, construction will begin within the next week or so. The aircraft has been fully sized and once the AM-2018 is complete it will be the largest aircraft the Aero Mavericks have ever built.

2017 October 6

Last semester the team worked on the AM-2017, our competition scale trainer aircraft, that allowed for new members to become familiar with designing and building aircraft. With the start of the fall semester the team is now focusing on our newest competition aircraft AM-2018.

This is a very big year for the fixed wing team, and for the first time in three years the team will be going to SAE Aero Design West! AM-2018 will be built from scratch, using all the skills the team has learned from designing and building AM-2017.

2017 February 11

For the past Semester, the Fixed Wing team has been working hard on completing our custom designed “AM-T” trainer aircraft. We’ve made significant progress and should be wrapping up construction in the next few weeks. We expect to complete the maiden flight shortly after finalizing construction.

This vehicle will serve as a pilot training aircraft for future competition aircrafts. AM-T has been designed with repeatability in mind, meaning we can quickly and easily reproduce the aircraft to provide future members construction experience. Over the years, we hope to be able to increase the division’s fleet size of AM-T and thus pilot training capabilities

Completed AM-T Airframe

First stages of applying the Monokote skin

2016 September 10

The Fall 2016 semester has kicked off and the Fixed Wing division has begun preliminary construction of the AM-T, the division’s trainer plane. The design of this aircraft is focused around providing significant experience to incoming members in the design, build, test, fly process. The final project goal is to produce a “fleet” of AM-Ts, which can be easily and quickly produced for years to come and will be an excellent platform for pilot training. This means that any new or current members who are interested in piloting for future competitions will have a streamlined platform for practice before moving on to the competition aircraft.

In addition to this project, the Fixed Wing Division is also working on a flight data recorder. This project will give members hands on experience with aircraft electronic packages and how to take an electronic payload from conception to production. The flight data recorder will also allow the division to collect crucial data during desk flights.