Next Major Outreach Event:
Engineering Saturday


The Aero Mavericks are dedicated to the education of tomorrow's engineers. As students, we understand the importance of fun and interactive education in ways that can engage and attract students of all ages.

Engineering Saturday:

Every semester the College of Engineering hosts a K-12 outreach program called "Engineering Saturday", where the Aero Mavericks "Water Bottle Rockets" event is among the most popular activities.

At this event, we teach K-12 students the fundamentals of rocketry and the basic governing physics in a fun and interactive way. We allow the students to design their own water bottle rocket using a 2-liter bottle, some construction paper, and a little creativity! Once the students' design and construction is completed, we take them outside to our custom made water bottle launcher and see how well they fly! The Aero Mavericks has hosted this activiy for several years, making it a hallmark of our outreach activities.

Lab Tours:

In addition to Engineering Saturday, the Aero Mavericks also provides unique tours to K-12 schools in the DFW area. These tours give students a unique perspective on what it means to be a college student. We provide the students an inside look into the importance of higher education and hands-on projects. We give advice and host interactive activities to further encourage the students to persue STEM careers. We emphasize the benefits of STEM careers by showing them the interesting and exciting projects we're working on and encourage them to persue similar activities in High School and College.

All tours are organized through the College of Engineering.