Weekly Meetings:
Mondays at 12:00 PM in WH 221
Division Milestones:
2008: Division Founded
2009: 1st Place (BoTR) - Max Altitude Event for 6201 ft
2011: 1st Place (BoTR) - Mars Rover Event
2013: 1st Place (BoTR) - Target Altitude Event
2013: 1st Place (BoTR) - Mars Rover Event
2017: 7th Place IREC - Technical Report

Rocketry Division

The Rocketry Division is the organization’s original and oldest division, founded in 2008. This division competes in various scratch-built high powered model rocketry competitions. Historically, the Rocketry Division has competed very successfully in the Battle of the Rockets (BoTR) against universities from all over the country, placing 1st and 2nd in numerous categories over 7 years. Most recently, the division competed in the Central US Rocketry Tournament (CURT) 2016, now known as the Argonia Cup, an intercollegiate competition organized by the Aero Mavericks in conjunction with Kloudbusters and SAE-Wichita. Last year, the Rocketry Division participated in IREC 2018, the world's largest intercollegiate rocketry competition! Over 100 teams from all over the world participated in this competition last year. This year's challenge is to launch a 10 lb scientific payload to 10,000 ft and recover it successfully.

Division News and Updates

2018 April 8

The Rocketry Division has been progressing along the schedule for constructing AMR-18 throughout the semester. Changes have been made to the overall design to make the vehicle both easier to construct and safer to operate. Due to Solidworks graciously providing the organization with copies of their professional software, the entire vehicle has been modeled digitally, with the ability to change components and simulate how the components will assemble for launch. Since the previous update, the following components have been fabricated:

2018 Febuary 14

Since the beginning of the fall 2017 semester, the rocketry division has been very busy with the competition rocket for IREC this summer. The vehicle is being entered in the same 10,000 ft category as last year, and boasts multiple improvements over last year's entry, AMR-17. Models of the vehicle have been made in numerous CAD programs, including Solidworks, for design and analytical reasons. The majority of components for this vehicle are fabricated with C.O.T.S. parts and materials with the intent to make the project and payload more robust and easier to work with. The following design and manufacturing improvements were incorporated into this year's entry:

2017 December 20

The Aero Mavericks Rocketry division is shown in the Spaceport America cup 2017 video! Check it out below.

2017 August 26

This summer the Rocketry Division competed at IREC at New Mexico in the first inaugural Spaceport America Cup. We competed in the 10,000 ft solid motor class with collegiate teams from across the world. IREC not only required for us to build a rocket, but we also were encouraged to design a scientific payload to meet the 10 lb payload requirement. We challenged ourselves by designing and building an autonomous glider that would take barometric data once it lauched from the rocket at apogee. The competiton had two sections of judging: a poster and design section where judges got their first look at the rockets as well as the launch section where teams launched their rockets at Spaceport America. Unfortunately due a black powder failure, our rocket's recovery systems did not deploy. The rocket was decared ballistic and it shattered on impact to the ground. Despite the destruction of our rocket, IREC was an excellent learning experience for the Rocket Division. We plan on competing in IREC once again this year.

2017 February 04

We’ve made significant progress on the IREC rocket this past semester, finalized the designs for the rocket, and have begun laying up the fiberglass tubes for the airframe. We intend to 3D print the nosecone this week and will move on to producing the inner tube and centering rings to house the motor.

For our payload, we’ve decided to go with a glider and custom designed flight control system. The glider will deploy at apogee and glide down to the ground, while an on-board “blackbox” flight data recorder will log data. The glider’s design is nearing completion and we plan on further testing and prototyping its design and control system.

Fiberglass Upper Body Tube

Glider (AM-G) Prototype 2.0

2016 September 06

With AIRFest over, the Rocketry Division is beginning preparations for the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC) 2017! IREC is one of the largest rocketry competitions in the country, with over 50 teams and 500 individuals participating. The division hopes to make its first year participating in the competition a successful one!

2016 August 05

With significant progress being made on the new lab design and the addition of completely new furniture and workbenches, the Rocketry Division is finally ready to start this year's preparations for AIRFest 22! Stop by the new lab in Woolf Hall 113 if you are interested!