UTA Asce


February 3rd:  Dan Peden
                                    High 5 Project

March 3rd:  Tim Noack
                             Constructed Wetlands

April 7th:    Tom Gooch
                             Regency Water Plan

May 5th:  Ed Motley
                        Panama Canal Expansion Guest Speakers Photo Albums

Concrete Canoe, 2009

Steel Bridge, 2010

Concrete Canoe, 2010
Where: Room 100 NH
When:  12 pm
The first wednesday of every month we hold an ASCE meeting. Most of them feature a guest speaker who is a business professional, most are engineers and a few are in related fields.
Speakers to satisfy the brain and pizza and drinks to satisfy the stomach.
Year - $10
Semester - $5
Download the form and bring it to the next meeting:
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