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Delta Upsilon has had a very successful past and looks forward to a bright future. We realize that to stay on top in the Greek System we must continue to excel in all aspects of fraternity life. At Delta Upsilon, we don't intend to rest on our numerous past achievements. We will continue to strive to be the best in all of our future endeavors. We are looking ahead and are committed to being a part of a group of men who constantly strive to be on top.

Everyone of our members has a unique take on life. Thanks to Delta Upsilon, all of us also have a common and a unique story to tell.

What makes us different

In relation to other fraternities, DU differs in a major way because it is non-secret. Since our founding in 1834, we have made public the ideals and principles that guide our existence. Unlike other fraternities, Delta Upsilon tells you everything that you or your parents want to know about our pledgeship, initiation rites, and what will be expected from you as a member. Initiation is a very special occasion. While others perform their rites of initiation behind closed doors, we encourage pledges to invite their parents and friends to witness the moment we receive pledges into our brotherhood. Also, unlike other fraternities we can tell you what our Greek letters stand for. Feel free to ask any of our brothers.

What we have achieved

As men of Delta Upsilon, we continue to stress the things that have helped our growth. We stress academic and excellence in leadership. We also encourage community and school involvement, as well as an active social life. Our goal is to have every brother involved with another organization on campus. We consistently perform as the best fraternity on campus. Being a leader in the University and community is important to every member of Delta Upsilon. Whether it is a position in the Chapter, Student Congress, Ambassadors, Admissions, or other Student Organizations, each and every member has the opportunity to be a leader on campus and in the community. We strive to build better men and get each and every member involved in leadership at the same time.

What is Delta Upsilon about?

No Secrets...No Bizarre Rituals...No Hazing. Delta Upsilon prides itself on being called "The Gentlemen's Fraternity". Bringing out the best in YOU and helping YOU get the most of your College experience.

In short DU is about balance. We strive to get the most out of life through: Friendship, Character, Culture, and Justice. You will learn things about yourself you have never known, you will try things you have never tried, and have some of the best years of your life doing it!!!

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Active Members
Parker Williams
Cody James
VP Membership Education
Joel Villarreal
VP Academic Administration
Chris Angeles
Matt Standefer
VP Recruitment & VP Loss Prevention
Gustavo Robeles
VP Public Relations
Tony Chavez
Associate Member Education
Michael Rathman
Michael Dosser
Andrew Kaiser
Payton Gilcrease
Raul Ortega
Jarod Brandsetter
John Houng
Eddie Green
Bobby Kutej
Angel Vargas
Chris Klasing
Jacob Godwin
Michael Tomich
Harold Lingefelter
Alex Perry
Ana Valdes
Angelica Lilinoe
Michael Dosser

Delta Upsilon In Brief

  • Vision Statement

    Delta Upsilon is the premier men's fraternity committed to Building Better Men for a global society through service, leadership development and lifelong personal growth of our diverse membership.

  • Delta Upsilon Mission

    Building Better Men

  • Founded

    November 4, 1834 Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts Founded as the first non-secret fraternity Sixth-oldest general men's college fraternity

  • Fraternity Motto

    Dikaia Upotheke: Justice, Our Foundation

  • Membership

    More than 110,000 initiated men, Nearly 78,000 living alumni and approximately 3,500 undergraduate members.

  • Fraternity Headquarters

    Delta Upsilon International Fraternity 8705 Founders Road Indianapolis, IN 46268 Phone: (317) 875-8900

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Come find us at

House: Delta Upsilon Arlington Chapter

Address: 1111 Greek Row Dr. Arlington, TX 76013

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Delta Upsilon Arlington