About Us

The Environmental Society is a student organization dedicated to increasing campus involvement in the quest for sustainability. The Society’s members are highly motivated students representing a wide variety of scholarly disciplines who are actively engaged in promoting sustainability on campus. The goals of the Environmental Society include (1) increasing awareness of environmental issues on campus, (2) encouraging campus programs that promote green operations and technology, (3) expanding the environmental education of the student body and surrounding community, and (4) promoting the protection of the environment through political and social activism.

Listed here are the officers and structure of The Environmental Society of UT Arlington. Our official advisor is Meghna Tare, the Director of Sustainability for UT Arlington. We can each be contacted by clicking the link on our names.

Main Officers

President of Environmental Society: Chowgene Koay

Secretary of Environmental Society: Ellen Ranit

Treasurer/Publicist of Environmental Society:Ann Mai

Webmasters: Electra Thornburg, Himanshu Pahwa