Happy New Year & Welcome Back!

From all the officers and representatives of your UTA IIE Student Chapter, we wanted to welcome you back for the spring 2015 semester. We are currently in the process of finalizing dates for future events and will be sure to update everyone of the opportunities as they near. On our agenda:

• Institute of Industrial Engineers greenbelt certification

• Volunteering for Engineering Saturdays

• Fundraising for our student chapter

• Webinar series via the IIE Professional Chapter

• Networking events with the IIE DFW Professional Chapter

• UTA IIE sponsored social events

• End of the year IIE barbeque

• 2015-2016 UTA IIE Officer Elections

We hope everyone had a safe and restful break and look forward to seeing you all in the coming weeks. Happy New Year!


The UTA IIE Student Chapter recently facilitated several sessions to refine the organization’s mission and strategic focus for this year, and the years to follow. The objective of this was to ensure a consistent membership experience, regardless of leadership changes. As we continue to further develop our chapter to align operational and tactical plans to the overall strategy, our overarching goal is to provide legitimate value to our IIE members and uphold the values of our Industrial Engineering profession. These insights will be provided in the coming weeks for all student members to view as our commitment to the IIE membership.

The purpose of the Volunteer Hours Tracking Initiative is to provide first choice to those members that volunteer the most time and effort towards the betterment of our organization. For every event that we ask for volunteers, we will track individual service hours within our organization. Only IIE members with the most hours of service will be entitled to first choice of key networking opportunities to Professional IIE Chapter Meetings & Tours with current professionals from industry. Additionally, it is our goal to consistently provide our top performing volunteers discounted pricing for IIE Lean and Six Sigma Greenbelt certifications. These events are held during April of the Spring semester.

The healthier our organization’s financial stability is, the more robust we can develop this program to provide opportunities and discounts to a larger number of our members. As we continue to refine the details of this program, do keep in mind that we will be tracking hours until we are ready to officially launch this initiative. Thank you to everyone that has volunteered their time this year! 

IIE T-shirts

The Institute of Industrial Engineers Student Chapter is excited to let all of you know about our new graphic tee.

Sizes from XS-XL are now on sale for $14 each at the IIE Six sigma Lounge

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