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Meeting Our New Professor:
Dr. Shernette Kydd

“Industrial Engineering is such a versatile and people-oriented discipline that has its root grounded in helping others. IE tools and techniques can be deployed in all existing industries, with one key prime goal - the realization of true potentials: in systems, in operations, in people. 

                My passion for Quality drives me to embrace challenges. I thoroughly enjoy "turning things around", especially when all thought it was impossible. The end results have varied:  operators understood the science associated with their work and developed a new appreciation for it, operational efficiencies were improved, complex systems were streamlined, high school students embraced and enjoyed math and science topics - to name a few.

                As a teacher, and even as a practicing engineer, my natural tendency is/was to seek out opportunities to inspire others.  What I do here at UTA is just an extension of who I am as an individual, and my passions and interests all converge in the field of industrial engineering. I am excited to train UTA's future engineers on the fundamentals for making improvements and leading change in their world; and it is my hope that my students will also develop a passion for helping and inspiring others as well.”

Favorite Quote:
Put on your Blinders:  Blinders are used to keep horses focused on what is in front of them, and my favorite quote is an analogy stemming from that... the underlying message is that a person's ability to succeed is highly dependent on their ability to remain focused on the task at hand.”

Extracurricular Activities:
“I enjoy singing, downtime with my family and two cats, and driving STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) initiatives.”



Dr. Sheik Imrhan
Human performance analysis with computer sensor interfacing technology
*Human Factors/Ergonomics with Statistical Analysis (strong performance in IE 3314, 4310, & 4344 req.)
Contact Dr. Imrhan, Woolf Hall, RM 420Q


            --Summer 2014--           

Building Brand You
By Gregory H. Watson
Industrial Engineer Magazine, Sept. 2012
Commentary by Kristopher Leonhardt

            The allure of opportunity gravitates many towards higher education. How we define success will always vary, but this road we have embarked connects us all. We are in the pursuit of the goals we committed to since the moment we decided to invest ourselves into our continued education.

            As most of us know or have heard, taking on more responsibility than simply our academics is critical to being noticed when putting ourselves out there to prospective employers. Joining organizations and participating in extracurricular activities can sometimes seem like a status quo for how to enhance our resume’s appeal. Mr. Gregory H. Watson, the author of Building Brand You, stresses that this is only a small portion of how we should view our career path and indicates how to truly develop ourselves similar to a sustainable and continuously growing enterprise.

            Covering topics such as planning, training, competition, and networking, Mr. Watson indicates that completely immersing ourselves into career related avenues available outside of the classroom and workplace will be the building blocks necessary for our current and future professional development.  We should all take heed and recognize that our field will be predicated on continuous improvement and emerging technologies.

Quoting William E. Henley’s poem, Invictus:

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

            Pursuing continual growth personally and professionally will hopefully become second nature so that we are not left behind. May we all take the opportunities provided to us and strive to pursue excellence developing our own brands.


Cynthia Rodriguez (left) and Rachel Machbitz (right)
IIE Junior and Senior Outstanding Awards

Yara Hussein
Meister Family Outstanding Student Leader Endowed Scholarship



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