ISO is a very socially based organization, so be ready to interact with many different people and organizations! It is a very fun experience! Here in ISO you have the opportunity to create deep friendships with many people that are very different from yourself! You will experience the many cultures that our members have to offer you, as well as their experience in college! If you have any concerns regarding academics or your major, I assure you that someone in ISO can give you a helping hand! Remember that we are all friends in ISO, which you will get to see if you come see what we do! Also, make sure you help the newer members when it becomes your turn to share the experiences you will have!

What ISO Does!

Now you may be wondering what kind of events we have done or will do!

Our biggest event, which has been an annual tradition at UTA for 34 years so far, is International Week, a.k.a I-Week! This week happens in the Spring Semester, where for a whole week we dedicate ourselves to promoting culture around campus! To sum it up, there is a Soccer Tournament between organizations, a Parade of Banners of each country around campus, an International Food Fair, a Fashion Show, a day called School Visits (where children come to UTA to experience cutural diversity), and the finale Global Extravaganza, which is packed with different music, dancing, clothes, and skits!

Besides I-Week, ISO participates in UTA sponsored events, such as Oozeball and Bed Races; as well as hosts many events, such as Garba, HOLI, Fall Food Fair, Mixers, and many other events!

ISO is planning and wanting to do many more events this year together with other organizations, so be sure to let us know about any ideas you have for events! Please contact our Event Coordinator and President about your ideas! You can find how to contact them on our Board members page!