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Linux User Group at UT Arlington

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Next meeting is on October 13, 2016. Check out our calendar!

Tuesday, March 8: Drive Safe and Save data presentation - how data is collected, moved and filtered through Hadoop at State Farm.

Learn from Data Analysts at State Farm about how they go about number
crunching on customer data using Big Data tools like Hadoop
for the benefit of both the consumers and the company.

Tuesday, March 8
5:00 pm
NH-100 (Nedderman Hall)


The goals of the Linux user group are to:

  • promote the use of the Linux operating system and other open source software.
  • provide a venue for students to gain experience giving technical presentations.
  • provide a forum for students to learn about new aspects of Linux and open source software.
  • promote fellowship among students who participate in the group.

We welcome people of all skill levels - from newbies to experts, and strive to address the needs of both in our activities. Please come to our meetings and chat with other people interested in Linux!

Educational presentations at our meetings. Isura Presenting Crowds at our meetings.

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Our MavOrgs page is located at:

Please sign-in with your Net-ID and request membership on MavOrgs to get listed on our official membership roster.

Contact Information

You can email us at: at Google's email

We would like your feedback to decide our presentation topics: survey link


President - Sujan Shrestha

Vice President - Rohit Rawat

Secretary - Tracie Perez

Treasurer & Webmaster - Devendra Umbrajkar

Executive Officer - Gaurav Kolekar

Faculty Adviser - Dr W. Alan Davis

Faculty Co-Adviser - Mr Bito Irie

LUG Officers

Officer positions open!

We have several officer positions open at this time. If you regularly attend our meetings or plan to do so in future, and are interested in sharing things you know with others, you are welcome to join our team. Please email Rohit or Clayton if you are interested. We will consider people of all skill levels.


You will find a list of our upcoming meetings in this calendar. Please attend and bring your friends.

Click on the +Google Calendar button to add it to your calendar.


Get the New Raspberry Pi 2

We have always loved the Raspberry Pi Linux computer. We are even more excited about the Raspberry Pi 2 with a better processor and increased memory. Check it out here:

Free Linux Course on EdX: The Linux foundation is making the Introduction to Linux course available for free on Edx. Click here to find out more and to register:

From the course description:

Develop a good working knowledge of Linux using both the graphical interface and command line, covering the major Linux distribution families.

It should be great way to learn more about your favorite operating system.

Articles: A nice article on why you should learn Linux!


Past Activities

We became an approved student organization in April 2011, but the organization took roots several months ago thanks to David Miller's efforts. We are active during the Fall and Spring semesters. Here are a few of our recent presentations:

FALL 2015  
March 2, 2016 Introduction to Linux and Linux commands
February 3, 2016 NodeJS and shell scripting hack - SkyMap
November 17, 2015 Shell programming tutorial (video), Slides, scripts, and command reference
October 20, 2015 Programming in Linux (beginner)
October 14, 2015 Git overview
October 6, 2015 Basic Shell Commands, SSH, Omega & Gamma servers (updated)
September 30, 2015 Getting started with Linux, Installing Linux on Virtualbox (video), Enabling hardware virtualization support (video)
SPRING 2015  
April 14, 2015 Introduction to Linux Linux Commands
March 17, 2015 Introduction to Wine
Feb 10, 2015

Using SSH to access Omega and Gamma servers with X forwarding


Careers in the US Foreign Service

Information Resource Management (IT/Networking/Security Specialists), Foreign Service Specialists, Student Programs


Oct 2014

Basic shell scripting tutorial plain text pdf

Shell scripting tutorial part 2 (coming soon)

ROS video


Sep 2014

Linux and Open Source, Getting started with Linux


May 2014

Intro to Markdown (sample markdown file web page) (cat.jpg) (html output)

Basic shell scripting - a markdown wrapper (the script


March 2014

Linux Web Servers, Video, TrueAbility Demo


November 2013

Parallelly Sharing a Linux Computer

Portable Cygwin and Emacs


October 2013

Introduction to Linux, Linux Commands

Programming on Linux in C/C++ (GNU toolchain)


April 2013

Wireless Garage Door Alarm System using a Raspberry Pi

Introduction to Wine

Adafruit WebIDE and Gaming on Linux


Feb 2013 RaspBMC media center & web server
November 2012

Introduction to version control using Git, Video


October 2012 Basic IP networking on linux
  Raspberry Pi demo
April 2012 GPG
March 2012 Intro to Linux
  Linux command line
  Block devices
Feb 2012 Ethernet bonding
Dec 2011 Demo installs

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