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Events Passed:

††††† October 4th,5th†† Candidate Information †††††††††††††

††††††††††††††††††† Meeting

Next Event:†††††††††††††††††††

††††† †††††October 12th Pizza Party at Noon

†††††††††† October 14th50% Completion Letter for

†††††††††††††††††††††††† Graduate Students Due

†††††††††† November 4thDeadline for turning in All

††††††††††††††††††††††††† other materials

†††††††††† December 3rdInitiation and Banquet

†††††††††† December 9thLast Day of Classes

Park Cleanup Information:

††††† The location is a creek corridor that needs a litter clean up badly. It is located on Mill Creek  Drive, just North of Pioneer. It is a short, dead end street off Mill Creek.

†††††† Here is the map link.

You can park along the street, just donít block any drive ways. City Park staff will meet you there. At the dead end barricade, you can walk down the trails West bound to Johnson Creek.

We really think this will be a better impact for the environment to remove this trash, than previous locations.




Click here for Fall 2010 Park Cleanup Pictures

Graduate students: To submit your 50% program completion letter, you may just slide it under our office door (NH 608). Please make sure we get it.

Click here for the TBP quiz you need to submit with the other material

Click here for the presentation Slides from the Pizza Party

Click here for the recommendation sample/request letter

Click here for the 50% course completion letter request - (GRAD students only)

Fall 2010 Candidates: Information meetings will be held on Tuesday October 5 at 5:00 pm or Wednesday October 6 at 5:00 pm in Nedderman Hall, Room 414. Please select the meeting that better fits your schedule


Fall 09 Stuff:

>Pictures of Bent Polishing, Park Cleanup & Cookout are here!! Click this link.

Tau Beta Pi Membership Eligibility

Tau Beta Pi collegiate chapters elect men and women who have distinguished themselves with outstanding scholarship and character.

Distinguished Scholarship: High academic achievement as a student, or eminent professional achievement, is the first eligibility requirement for election to Tau Beta Pi. Students in the upper eighth of their junior engineering class or in the upper fifth of their senior or graduate engineering classes are eligible for consideration for membership in their college's Tau Beta Pi chapter. Through its high academic standards, Tau Beta Pi encourages all students to strive for academic excellence, and it holds up as models of professional excellence those few individuals who are invited to membership because of their distinction in engineering achievement.

Exemplary Character: The second eligibility requirement for Tau Beta Pi is good character. A Tau Bate has personal integrity, a wide range of interests, adaptability, and participates unselfishly in community and volunteer activities.

Each Spring and Fall semester, just after census date, the UTA Eta chapter gathers the list of eligible juniors, seniors, and graduate students from the engineering department. The engineering department builds the list based on GPA. Letters are sent to the candidates' homes of record announcing their candidacy based on academic achievement. Lists of the eligible candidates are also posted around Nedderman Hall and Woolf Hall as well as on this website. Candidates wishing to join the Eta chapter must then prove their characters by participating in activities and attending events as described by the induction requirements set by the chapter officers each semester.

Financial Resources

Tau Beta Pi chapters sponsor numerous projects which emphasize the Society's objectives, recognizing outstanding engineering students and professionals and encouraging the interest of engineers in non-technical fields, the college, and the community.

Through its national programs, Tau Beta Pi grants fellowship , scholarship , and laureate awards , makes educational loans to its members, encourages students involvement in non-technical activities, and provides excellent leadership training opportunities.

The Fellowship Program has provided $3,477,000 in stipends for the graduate study to 760 members since 1929.

Financial assistance from Tau Beta Pi's Students Loan Fund is available to members who might otherwise be unable to remain in college or are unable to pay the initiation fee.  More than 1,736 loans have been made totaling more than $757,000.

Tau Beta Pi's Laureate Program awards cash grants of $2,500 to students members who have excelled in extracurricular activities and engineering studies.

The Engineering Futures Program provides trained instructors to teach interpersonal and leadership development skills to student members.




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