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Requirements for Election

Your desire to be admitted into Tau Beta Pi is a major requirement for election. Full and enthusiastic participation in the candidate program exemplifies this desire. This semester’s requirements are listed below:

  1. Polish a provided bent casting. Traditionally, each Tau Beta Pi candidate is required to polish a small bent, the official symbol of Tau Beta Pi. When held by a candidate, the bent represents their character. Polishing the bent, therefore, represents the polishing of the candidate’s character. The candidate who submits the best bent (as judged by the officers of Tau Beta Pi) will have their initiation fees reimbursed at the initiation banquet. Poorly finished bents, as judged by the officers, will be rejected and membership will be denied for the current semester. If you have questions or doubts as to the quality of your work, contact any officer for prior approval. Examples of acceptable and unacceptable polished bents are displayed in the Tau Beta Pi office.
  2. Complete the signature list as indicated on its cover sheet. Combined with your bent, the signature list will bring both Tau Beta Pi and your efforts the attention they deserve.
  3. Participate in at least two of the following chapter projects. We participate in these projects to provide service to our university and community. If you would like to perform a service project which is not on this list, contact the Tau Beta Pi office. Additional information for most of these projects is available on this site.
    • Carter Center Blood Drive
    • Mission Arlington
    • Park Beautification (date and location to be announced later)
    • Dean’s Office assistance
    • UTA Volunteers
  1. Polish a small section of the big Bent located in the engineering courtyard between Nedderman Hall and Woolf Hall. Candidates will join teams to polish the Bent. Polishing materials will be provided. The dates for this event will be posted outside the Tau Beta Pi office, 608 NH at a later date.
  2. Attend at least one social activity. This semester, Tau Beta Pi is sponsoring a pizza party (date and location to be announced). There will also be a cookout following the Park Beautification project (date and location to be announced). At each social activity, you will have the opportunity to complete a majority of your signature list.
  3. Pay an initiation fee of $95.0 for your lifetime membership.
  4. Attend the initiation. You must attend the initiation to become a member of Tau Beta Pi. (Date and location to be announced.) Please plan on arriving 15 minutes early, as we cannot admit candidates after the ceremony has begun. An optional banquet will follow the initiation. The price of the banquet is included in the membership fee for newly initiated members of Tau Beta Pi. Guest meals can be purchased for your family and friends.

Character Reference Letter

A Tau Beta Pi member must have personal integrity, a wide range of interests, adaptability, and be a participant in university and community activities. All candidates are required to submit a character reference letter, preferably from a faculty member, that addresses any aspects of these character issues for the student. (Download request letter)

Additional Requirements for Graduate Students

The membership requirements for graduate students are identical to those for undergraduates, with one exception. All graduate students must submit a letter, printed on official UTA letterhead, from their advisor which states they have completed at least 50% of their graduate program in research and thesis work. A written letter on university or department letterhead is necessary for this requirement. Several candidates have missed initiation in the past because of this small piece of paperwork. Make sure you complete this requirement. (Download example letter)

A Note to All Candidates

Completion of the above requirements will demonstrate your desire to become a member of Tau Beta Pi. If you are unable to fulfill one or more of these requirements, your application for membership to the organization may be declined.




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