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Across Frontiers and Beyond Borders


Fifth Annual Graduate Student Symposium on Transatlantic History

The University of Texas at Arlington



 “‘To Live and Die in the Church’: Englishmen Performing Conversion in the Seventeenth-Century Caribbean”

Kristen Block, Rutgers University


“Trading Identities: Creolization and Commerce in the Eighteenth-Century Caribbean

Linda M. Rupert, Duke University


“Translating Cannibals, or the Possible Politics of Representation in Hans Staden’s Warhaftig Historia (1557)”

Richard John Ascarate, University of California Berkeley


“The Instability of National Identity for Nineteenth-Century Sailors in Antebellum Literature”

Faye Felterman, Tulane University


“The Early Cold War in Time Magazine Maps”

Jeff Stone, University of Texas at Arlington


“For Money if Not for Love: Transatlantic Marriages and Anglo-American Relations”

Dana Cooper, Texas Christian University


“Turning Down Dates with the Ugly Duckling: The German Pilgrimage to the Nixon White House”

Werner Lippert, Vanderbilt University


“An Ancient Female ‘Other’: American Feminist Orientalism and the European Science of Egyptology”

Teresa Brown, American University


“Sex, Science, and National Identity: Transatlantic Scientific Reaction to Havelock Ellis’s Sexual Inversion

Lorna M. Loring, American University


“And then came the Nuremberg Trials: From Chicago to Germany, and Back Again”

Ryan Shapiro, American University



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