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Cartography and Cartographic Imagery:

Culture and Consciousness, 1000-2005 A.D


Sixth Annual Graduate Student Symposium on Transatlantic History

The University of Texas at Arlington



 “The Thames School of Nautical Cartography and the Americas in the Seventeenth Century”

Alistair Maeer, University of Texas at Arlington


“Contact and Cartography: European and Native Collaboration Produces New World Maps”

Mark Chamber, Stony Brook University


“The Importance of the Dieppe School of Cartography”

Monica Drake, University of Texas at Arlington


“A Very Necessary Service: Cartography, Empire and the Founding of Halifax

Jeffers Lennox, Dalhousie University


“Plotting Warfare, Inscribing Defeat: Mapping the West Indies in the English Magazine, 1740-1762”

Scott Lehman, San Francisco State University


“Containment Maps in American National News Journals, 1945-1955”

Jeff Stone, University of Texas at Arlington


Featured Speaker


“Emma Willard and the Spatial Foundations of American History”

Susan Schulten, University of Denver



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