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Spiritual Encounters in the New World


Eighth Annual Graduate Student Symposium on Transatlantic History

The University of Texas at Arlington


October 18th, 2007


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 “Abort, Retry, Fail?  Evaluating the Success of Mission in the Jesuit New World”

Cathryn Torgerson, Sacred Heart Major Seminary


“Imperial Tensions, Colonial Contours: António Vieira, Indian Conversion, and African Slavery in Seventeenth-Century Brazil”

Hugh Cagle, Rutgers University


“Franciscan Martyrs, Españolados, and Borderland Politics: The 1597 Guale Uprising and the Spiritual Conquest of Florida”

Katy Kole, University of North Florida


“Creating Cannibals: Encounters, Conflicts, and Incorporations in the Wilderness of America”

Jared Glenn Staller, University of Virginia


 “The Cross as a Symbol of Prophecy, Alliance, and Repression: The Spanish-Maní Coalition during the Great Maya Revolt of 1546-47”

Zachary Wingerd, University of Texas at Arlington


“Prince Max Meets the Mandan: A Study in Spiritualism, Cosmology, and Perceptions of Reality”

Shirley Frey, University of Texas at Arlington


“Beliefs Born in Chains: How Zombies, Poisons and ‘Evil’ Spirits Became a Part of Haitian Voodoo”

Danielle Boaz, Florida International University


Keynote Speaker


“Conversion and Empire: Christianizing the Americas”

Dr. Allan Greer, University of Toronto



Back row (from left to right): Dr. Allan Greer, Katy Kole, Jared Glenn Staller, Hugh Cagle, Zachary Wingerd; Front row (from left to right): Dr. Stanley Palmer, Danielle Boaz, Gene Rhea Tucker, Mylynka Kilgore, Greg Kosc, Cathryn Torgerson, Dr. Steven Reinhardt; Not pictured: Shirley Frey (Photograph by Trey Lee)



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