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Slavery in the Transatlantic World


Ninth Annual Graduate Student Symposium on Transatlantic History

The University of Texas at Arlington


October 23, 2008


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William Clark, “Cutting the Sugar-Cane,” 1823, John Carter Brown Library, Brown University



 “The Many ‘Identities’ of Edmund Molyneux, the British Consul in Savannah”

Michele Kinney, University of Texas at Arlington


“Challenging the ‘Great Apostle of Emancipation’:

Southern Navalism and the Foreign Policy of Slavery, 1838-1841”

Matthew Karp, University of Pennsylvania


“Defending Liberté: Adelaide Metayer, Colonial Legacies and Southern Slave Law in

Early Nineteenth-Century Louisiana”

Kristen Vogel, Texas A&M University


 “‘Vital Blood’: Women’s Activism in the Eighteenth-Century Abstention Campaign”

Julie Holcomb, University of Texas at Arlington


Keynote Speaker


“Intimate Strangers: Trying to Understand Resistance to Slavery in Jamaica and Berbice, 1750-1834”

 Dr. Trevor Burnard, University of Warwick, United Kingdom


THSO Symposium 2008: officers, presenters, speakers, commentators, etc.

Back row (from left to right): Mylynka Kilgore, Michele Kinney, Dr. John Garrigus, Kristen Vogel, Julie Holcomb, Dr. Sam Haynes; Front row (from left to right): Gene Rhea Tucker, Dr. Chris Morris, Matthew Karp, Dr. Trevor Burnard


Alex and Mylynka



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