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Transatlantic Encounters:  Film and History


Twelfth Annual Graduate Student Symposium on Transatlantic History

The University of Texas at Arlington

October 27, 2011


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The Transatlantic History Student Organization (THSO) in collaboration with Phi Alpha Theta, the Barksdale Lecture Series, The History Department, and the College of Liberal Arts of the University of Texas at Arlington are sponsoring the Twelfth Annual Graduate Student Symposium on Transatlantic History.  Since 2000, this symposium has proved to be a prominent venue for discussions of the interrelations and interconnections between peoples and cultures of the Atlantic World.


The concept of a Global Cinema of today has received considerable attention in the twenty-first century, but since the beginning of filmmaking in the late nineteenth century, cinema has transcended national boundaries through its imaginations of other “worlds,” its trade and transport within an international economy, and the connections and movements of film productions and peoples within its industry.  Furthermore, immense interpretive possibilities exist in the relationship between the making of historical films and the discipline of scholarly historical writing.  For this year’s conference, we encourage graduate students of history, film, and any related disciplines to explore some aspect within this broad scope of transatlantic or transnational encounters through film.   Topics may include but are certainly not limited to the following:  film as transatlantic and cross-national mediums, transatlantic connections within global cinema today, cross-national representations through film, migration of film makers and actors across the Atlantic, cinematic memory and identity, films as propaganda and advertisement, and transnational representations within film and the responses to them.  Dr. Sabine Hake (University of Texas at Austin), whose research interests explore the relationships between cultural practices, aesthetic receptivity, social movements, and political ideologies, will deliver the keynote address:  “Turning Nazis into anti-Nazis: A Case Study of History, Politics, and Affects in 1950s West German Cinema”


We invite graduate students of various disciplines to submit a three-hundred-word abstract and an abbreviated maximum one-page curriculum vita by June 30, 2011.  We will notify authors of papers accepted for a twenty-minute presentation by July 15, 2011.  

We will also provide a limited number of participants with a small travel stipend to help offset their expenses.  
All accepted papers will be considered for publication in Traversea, the new Online Journal in Transatlantic History.  Please e-mail your abstract to Karen E. Beasley at karen.beasley@mavs.uta.edu and Matthew Winslett at matthew.winslett@mavs.uta.edu.   

Note: Be sure to include your e-mail and mailing address to ensure that you can be reached during the summer of 2011.



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