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About Transatlantic History and THSO


About Transatlantic History and THSO


Founded in 2000, the Transatlantic History Student Organization (THSO) is a one-of-a-kind a graduate student organization for anyone interested in transnational history or comparative history that deals with encounters, discoveries, and interaction across frontiers and borders situated in the countries and continents surrounding the Atlantic Basin.  The primary purpose of the organization is to provide UTA history graduate students with a forum for the discussion of issues relating to transatlantic studies.  THSO hosts the Annual Graduate Student Conference on Transatlantic History, which has proved to be an excellent venue for the discussion of the interrelations between peoples and ideas of the Old and New Worlds. 


For more information on what Transatlantic History is please see our links page; the page for our 2008 forum entitled: “What is Transatlantic History?”; the video Transatlantic History in Texas: University of Texas at Arlington on Historians TV, from the American Historical Association; or ask a member.


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