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Ever work in Student Pubs? You're part of the family.

Whether you worked on The Shorthorn, Renegade, Reveille, Tempo, Prism — or any other UTA student publication — or provided department support like marketing or Creative Services, you are an important part of the Student Publications family. We have a network of more than 1,000 proud alumni, many of whom hold jobs that build on their Student Pubs experience.

Dubbed The Shorthorn Nation after the largest and longest running student publication in our department, our alumni group includes any person who worked in Student Publications.  So don’t let the name fool you or discourage you from getting involved. If you are a Student Pubs alum, here are several ways to stay active:


  • Join the Shorthorn Nation Facebook Group to receive things of interest to and communicate with other Student Pubs alums.
  • Follow The Shorthorn on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with news at and about UTA.
  • We’re like a big, diverse, multigenerational family; we want to know what’s happening in your life. Send us your news: job changes, marriages, births, awards, publications ... we want to celebrate you!


  • Need an intern, freelancer or part-time staffer? Send the information to Laurie Fox so we can let students know about the opportunity.
  • Donate to Student Publications scholarships, so we can continue to provide staff with the same training, convention experiences and financial support that we provided to staffers when you were here. Click here to make a scholarship donation online. Be sure to select Other and specify Student Publications Only as your designated donation area. (Or contact Shorthorn Adviser Laurie Fox.)
  • Volunteer to lead a training session for Shorthorn staffers learning to do what you already know how to do, or to mentor individual staff members. Let us know you’re interested.
  • Buy an ad. This provides financial support for Shorthorn staff operations ... but also is the best way to market your business, event or service to the 58,000 UTA+ students, faculty and staff. Click here for advertising information.

The Shorthorn Alumni Jobs Board allows people looking for jobs to find out about them and people who know about job openings to share the information with other Student Pubs alumni. Join the Shorthorn Alumni Jobs Board Facebook Group.  If you want to post a job opening on the board but don't have a Facebook account, send us the information.

We're working to grow our database of the amazing things our alumni are doing now plus plan some meet-ups. Contact Office Manager Brian Schopf if you'd like to be a part of this or if you have any questions.

Shorthorn Nation